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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and how high up this took place. we're told by a firefighter that he was about on the 19th floor and fell as many as three floors on to some scaffolding platform. hit his head. suffered that head injury and as you indicated now in serious condition at bellevue. could have been a lot worse. witnesses tell us that this all happened around 9:30 this morning. there was facade work being done here at 110 west 38th. a huge scaffolding here. working on the north side of the building here when that fall took place. witnesses tell us that firefighters were here within minutes and the ambulance rushed him over to the hospital. >> the guy, he was bad. he had no shoes. he had a thing on his neck. >> neck collar? >> that's it. i saw him every morning. >> now the new york city building's department tells us there was only one open
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failure to file a proper facade repair permit back in 2013. the lead agency is the new york state department of labor which investigates all accidents involving window washers and construction workers on city sites. we're live in midtown, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> all right. thank you. happening now, newark police are looking for the us is spkt who opened fire on a couple who was sitting on a porch killing a man and wounding a pregnant woman. news 4 new jersey reporter brian? >> yeah. the surprising thing is this makes the sixth murder in about 72 hours here in the city of newark. this last night or overnight the 25-year-old male and his 23-year-old pregnant companion said to have nonlife threatening injuries. now all of these recent killings since friday night are said to be connected either drugs or disputesal thoet motive for the latest one is still under
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newark cop was nailing a crime stopper's reward sign to a pole outside the murder scene. the 25-year-old male victim and 23-year-old pregnant female were out on the porch when bullets started flying. according to one neighbor who didn't want to be identified. >> nine or ten shots, i counted them. as he was coming down the stairs, i look down the street. and i just heard the shots. you didn't see, like, you couldn't tell that they were coming in which direction. i saw a walk into the house. and stumble and walk into the house. and later on you heard he's not breathing. >> reporter: what happened here was not isolated. this was the sixth murder in roughly 72 hours across the city. three friday night, one saturday, one sunday night and now one monday night into this morning. that may have been one reason why newark police were intensely patrolling this neighborhood even setting up and manning a roadblock a few blocks away.
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a city that just this past weekend tried to observe a 24-hour period of nonviolence. >> it's upsetting altogether. but, you know it's sad when you stha is a part of this every day living. of people just getting shot or killed. >> now law enforcement source tells me that two of the victims in these past three days were actually homicide say. as bad as that sounds, of course, crime overall is down 19%. and murders, if you take out a small spike in domestic murders, i'm told they're running about three below what it was last year. nonetheless, all this has the attention of police here and, of course, the prosecutors' office in essex county. a long island man accused of
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dennis collin killed his mother elizabeth in the pool of her home in lloyd harbor last week. they believe an argment over the failure to take his medication caused that violence. he accused him of taking money and her credit cards before leaving the house. police are trying to arrest the suspect who broke into the indonesian consulate. they got in an unlocked side they sold a computer tablet, a case of vodka and a suitcase full of clothes. >> of course, we're very disturbed that this happened to us. it's just my third year here and nothing like this happened before. so we are very surprised and disturbed. so i hope that the police can find the culprits swiftly. >> the consulate general will ramp up security to make sure this never happens again. now to the bronx where
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station. the suspect made off with hundreds of dollars. katherine craig has more from the scene in the high bridge section. >> natalie, co-workers of the victim tell us he'll be back on the job tonight. they are concerned about their safety but also angry that this happened to such a hard-working person. in this video released by the nypd overnight, you can see the suspect sneaking up behind the victim, a gas station attendant. the hand and presses it against the worker's back. it happened this past sunday, august 21st, 9:25 at night. the gas station is petroleum gas on ogdon avenue in the bronx. the suspect stole $200 in cash, grabbing it from the victim's hand. the suspect is described by police as being 18 to 20 years old, 5'11," 220 pounds, workers and customers who know the
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>> reporter: i heard he's a nice guy. >> very nice guy. very nice guy. cool guy. you know, he doesn't bother nobody. >> reporter: he works long hours? >> yes. >> reporter: how is your co-worker doing? how is he feeling? >> since yesterday, a little bit, i don't know about now. but he's home. >> reporter: take another look at the suspect. police tell us the victim is 48 years old, physically he was unhurt. co-workers stha was scary for him andca and nat lishgs the suspect's image, surveillance video, you can find it on our website, back to you. we have new surveillance individual yoef the man who police say tacked a woman in brooklyn's prospect park. the man tried to rape a female jogger back in april and grabbed her at knife point. she fought him off but suffered a cut finger. divers of one long island restaurant came out to find their cars crashed and mangled.
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there police say a drunk driver rams into nine, yes, nine cars last night with his pickup truck outside of the mill pond house restaurant in center port. diners tackled 53-year-old mark kamanzuli and held him down until officers got. there he now faces dwi charges. president obama is in flood ravaged louisiana surveying the damage in baton rouge after historic flooding devastated that area. 13 people died. thousands up of their lives. president obama is feeling the southern heat for a late arrival. nbc's reporter is there. >> reporter: as residents in louisiana continue to clean out their water logged homes, president obama is heading to look at the damage. >> i lost everything. it's gone. >> reporter: the commander in chief is taking heat for his late visit while the white house tries to assure locals helping sthem a priority.
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the response on the ground and the people whose lives in louisiana have been turned up side down by this terrible flooding event. >> reporter: flooding 60,000 homes forced thousands into shelters. the state now moving from response of rescues by boat and air to recovery with disaster removal groups already at work. this while the president vacationed on martha's vineyard. gop presidential nominee donald trump visited baton rouge friday. >> obama ought to get >> i think the effectiveness of the response thus far speaks for itself. >> reporter: the white house says the president deployed federal help when residents needed it most with debris piled on curbs and fema going door to door, the state says more than $20 million of that federal help has been distributed so far. >> we're going to be all right. we're going will be all right. >> reporter: help residents will need more of in months to come.
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statement saying she does plan on visiting flood victims here in louisiana but says she plans on doing so when her presence won't be a disruption to the on going recovery efforts. reporting in baton rouge, sarah rosario. a deadly police involved shooting is now under investigation in north carolina after a state trooper killed a deaf man during a traffic stop last week. accord together highway patrol, jermaine saunders attempted to pull daniel harris over for speeding in charlotte. they say harris did not comply and chase back to his home. officials describe an encounter between the two men and that's when harris was shot and killed. saunders is now on administrative leave. well we're going to take a look at a final salute now. ? saying good-bye to former nypd
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delivered the eulogy. he started his career back in 1969 as an officer in the bronx. he became first deputy commissioner in 1994 after a long nypd career, he served as philadelphia's police commissioner and police chief in miami. he died last week at the age of 68 after a battle with lung cancer. still head, the new war of words between darryl strawberry and doc gooden. also a new plus, presidential politics. a change on immigration for donald trump and e-mails still nagging hillary clinton. i'm edward lawrence in washington with details. plus, the final five at 30 rock. team usa's championship gymnastics team dropped by for morning fun. and our fantastic stretch of weather continues today. we're really loving that low humidity. it's not going to last much longer though. i'll tell you when the mugginess comes back in your storm team 4
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now to decision 2016. 76 days until we elect the next president. democratic nominee hillary clinton is trying to shake her from washington with more. >> good afternoon. a new nbc news survey monkey poll just came out showing hillary clinton as holding her lead over donald trump by 8 points nationally among voters. now when you add in the other candidates for president, that lead shrinks to five points. still donald trump is trying to change the numbers by changing his immigration plan. donald trump looks to revamp his
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>> we're going to build a wall, folks. we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: his campaign manager signaled trump will soften on deporting 11 million illegal immigrants in this country already. trump now says he would separate illegal immigrants into two categories, the bad ones who would be deported immediately and everyone else who would go through the process of existing immigration laws. >> hillary clinton's plan amounts to total and absolute total open open borders. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton took time off from campaigning for an appearance on jimmy kimmel. >> have you considered using facetime instead of e-mail? >> actually, i think that's really a good idea. >> reporter: her campaign is not laughing. another 15,000 clinton e-mails were released by the conservative watchdog judicial watch, e-mails recovered about it fbi. >> some of those were government
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classified. it's -- it ray raises question why this massive deletion of records took place at all. >> reporter: they outlined how big donors to the clinton foundation got access to clinton whether she was secretary of state through her top aide. some of the e-mails show that requests were all directed through hillary clinton's deputy chief of staff and not all of the donors got everything they asked for. but they had access to hillary clinton. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. former mets pitcher dwid made by darryl strawberry that suggest doc gooden may be struggling with drug addiction. >> the daryl thing hurt me because i had just thought we had fixed our relationship. and he says this publicly. i have to make a better choice of picking friends. >> gooden's health was in question after he failed to show
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doc issued a statement saying he has not used cocaine in years. a delicious initiative kicks off in the bronx today called health box. they are coupons for fruits and vegetables. they're redeemable at farmer's markets throughout the bureau. the bronx is the unhealthiest county in new york state and the new program is an effort to improve access to healthy foods. sounds g. now in today's money report, is now the right time to buy a new home? we have a look at the numbers for you. speaking of numbers, let's talk earnings. sue global headquarters and a look at the markets. hey, sue. >> great to see you. kind of a quiet day on wall street. we xbekt that to continue for much of the week. that's because there say big fed meeting taking place in jackson hole, wyoming, an janet yellen is scheduled to speak. so we're up modestly. up about 30 points on the dow jones industrial average. the broader based s&p 500 is
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one thing that we're watching is the come back in bestbuy. consumers really picked up their purchases really at best buy both online and in the store. as a result of that, best buy came in with much better than expected earnings and the stock was up better than 14% as a result of that. it was an unexpected increase in profit. it was a big jump in on line revenue, sales growth also helped out and then they cuthe expenses. all of that put together and they had a stellar quart eastern wall street is rewarding them for. that home prices, you know they're going up. that's because home sales are going up. americans stepped up the purchases of new homes in the latest reported period to the fastest pace that we've seen in nine years. low mortgage rates partst reason for that, of course. but also very tight supply. and a steady job market that is all contributing to a 12.4%
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all right. you're up to date. have a great afternoon. >> you, too. sue. thank you so much. we're talking about this beautiful afternoon out. there i want to run out for lunch. >> do it. >> just to enjoy it. >> have lunch outside. it won't last, natalie. not much longer. by tomorrow, feeling the heat and humidity on the rise. if you're loving this look at the visibility out. there just absolutely gorgeous. not a cloud in the sky. of course, bad news for our drought situation. great news for anyone who wants to spend time out side. and temperatures coasting in the mid 70s this afternoon. headed back into the low 80s over the next coue take a look at the weather headlines today. another exquisite day. not a lot to complain b warming up tomorrow. that's whlt humidity starts to creep in day by day. muggy thursday and friday. friday is our nech chance of a shower or storm. otherwise, very dry pattern over the next several days. temperatures are back to the low 80s now. it's 80 degrees. there 7 chelsea. we started out very cool this morning in the 40s north and west of town. it was the coolest morning since
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temperatures this cool in the tri-state. natural a.c. still very comfortable. 75 in white plains. all about the dew points. i want to show you this. this tells me and tells you how muggy it feels outside. and we love to see. this due point temperatures in the 50s. still feeling very nice. this will start to change tomorrow afternoon and especially towards the endst week. there's a look at the satellite and radar picture. high pressure absolutely in control. i want to mention the tropics getting very busy. there we're tck system. this was fiona. we're not worried about. that is tropical storm gason. this is going to be the interesting of the three. still a tropical wave waiting for it to become a depression. it could and probably will later on today. and then conditions are favorable for strengthening over the next two to three days. and look at where the computer model paths are taking the storm. yeah, close to the southeast, maybe florida by the weekend. so this will be one that we
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for developments. future tracker is working, there just nothing to show in terms of clouds and definitely no rain. you can see there some rain by friday afternoon. maybe a rumble of thunder. there ut is a slim chance. saturday and sunday if, you're making weekend plans, tlook stay hot but relatively dry. temperatures in the upper 80s on saturday. 48 and then the sunny weather continues on monday. natalie? >> all right. thank you. "new york live" is next. here is a look at what is ahead. >> coming up here, the city's newest shopping destination is open for business. we'll take oun a tour of west field world trade center. >> and we're talking better late than never with henry wink willer. plus, we sit down with the final five here 12:30. >> still ahead, the fabulous
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fresh from wing a record nine medals at the rio olympics, a busy day for the final five. the team visited the empire state building. they're going to hit the switch to light it up later today. this morning they dropped by the "today" show and the crowd loved them. so what about tokyo you'll be in tokyo coming up. >> everyone raise their hands. we're all going again. >> we're all going again? >> yes. >> we're going to get 14 medals. >> but first thing's first. they're holding actor zac efron
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"new york live" is next.
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happy tuesday. welcome to "new york live" on this beautiful afternoon. what a great day, right? >> it is gorgeous out there. no humidity. >> any traffic? >> tons of traffic. we never get a break from sarah is off. filling in is lauren scala. and lauren, we're so happy to have you here today. she has got the greatest shoes on. so we'll show you later whether we go over and talk to our guest. coming up to day, a back to school cupcake de many. o. >> also coming up, from an america's got talent favorite to the off broadway stage, we go behind the scenes of the i popping hist illuminate. >> and he's hitting the road with some fellow pop. >> caller: tour icons for one


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